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Design & Fabrication of Dryer & Evaporator System Components

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Dryer and Evaporator System Components
Dryer and Evaporator System Components
Heat Recovery System
Heat Recovery System
Stair Assemblies

Dahmes Stainless, Inc. specializes in drying system component manufacturing

Systems can be provided with a wide range of customer specified options. All are manufactured utilizing cutting edge systems and technology; this includes product feed systems capable of high pressure with two fluids, process air inlet systems, indirect heating, heat recovery and much more. Drying systems utilize various chambers configurations and fluid bed configurations, available in either vibratory or static. Process air exhaust systems handle product with varied levels of efficiency and include a bag-in-place feature. In addition, powder cooling and packaging systems can be integrated to include a wide range of options and configurations. Packaging systems can include anything from manual bagging and conveyors to tote filling. Over pressure systems provide an explosion suppression component, while a manufactured clean-in-place and water deluge system are also available.

Main components for the evaporator system types include product feed with pasteurizers, processing heating with pre-heaters, thermal or mechanical vapor recompression. Evaporating and crystallizing systems are available in various configurations, as well as liquid storage, and support systems.

To learn more about these advanced systems and options, see the table below or contact Dahmes Stainless directly.

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Dahmes Innovation

Design & Fabrication of Dryer & Evaporator System Components Capabilities:

Drying System Components
Product Feed System
  • High Pressure
  • Two Fluid
Process Air Inlet System
  • Indirect Heater
  • Direct Fire Burner
  • Air Disperser
    • Throat Cooling System
  • Heat Recovery
Dryer System
  • Drying Chambers
    • Tall Form
    • Short Form
    • U-Tube
    • Turn Jet
    • Box
  • Fluid Bed
    • Vibratory
    • Integrated
    • Static
  • Timing Belt
  • Lecithin Injection System
  • Agglomeration System
Process Air Exhaust System
  • Cyclones
    • High Efficiency
    • Medium Efficiency
    • Low Efficiency
  • Bag-house
  • Bag-In-Place “BIP” Baghouse
  • Wet Scrubber
  • Exhaust Stack
Powder Cooling and Handling System
  • Blow Pot
  • Eductor
  • Screw Auger
  • Tube Conveyor
  • Conveying Receiver
  • Powder Bin
  • Rotary Magnet
  • Magnet Box
Packaging System
  • Divert Valve
  • Manual Bagging Machine
  • Dual Bagging Machine
  • Semi-Automated Bagging Machine
  • Fully Automated Bagging Machine
  • Tote Filling Station
  • Conveying System
Over Pressure System
  • Over Pressure Panel
  • Explosion Suppression System
Clean-In-Place “CIP” System
Water Deluge System
Evaporator System Components
Product Feed System
  • Pre-Heater
  • Pasteurizer
  • Legal Pasteurizer
Processing Heating System
  • Pre-Heater
  • MVR – Mechanical Vapor Recompression
  • TVR – Thermal Vapor Recompression
Evaporator System
  • Falling Film Calandria
  • Forced Circulation Calandria
  • Rising Film Calandria
  • Vapor Separator
  • Hi-Con
  • Finisher
  • Condenser
  • Hot Well
  • Flash Cooler
Crystallizing System
  • Crystallizer Tank
  • Holding Tube
Liquid Storage System
  • Liquid Silo
Support System
  • Support Structure
  • Access Platform
Heat Recovery
Indirect Heaters
Over Pressure System
Clean-In-Place “CIP” System
Water Deluge System
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