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Spray Drying Systems

Dahmes specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced drying systems. Our cutting-edge designs are suitable for applications in the industries such as food, dairy, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries worldwide. Our state-of-the-art R&D facility allows us to optimize the drying performance of even the most challenging products.


The Dahmes Ductless Dryer – Cone Bottom (DDD-C) is designed with the baghouse surrounding the chamber. This compact design eliminates entrained exhaust ducts to prevent plugging and simplify cleaning. The two or three-stage drying configuration allows you to evaporate more water with less horsepower, making your process more efficient. It’s small footprint reduces building capital costs compared to equivalent tall-form dryers.


Successfully dried products include sticky products such as: 

  • Permeate

  • Skim milk

  • WPC

  • High fat meats

  • Beef/chicken/pork broths

  • MPC


Dry different products based on market needs with Dahmes Ductless Dryers. The DDD-C requires lower airflow and pressure drop than comparable alternatives, reducing horsepower and lowering operating costs. This dryer can be configured with internal & external fluid beds and belts for more precise processing needs.

13769 DDD-C DRYER 5.png
13769 DDD-C DRYER 3.png


  • Proven to successfully dry sticky products

  • Easily accessible bags (no confined space)

  • Fully CIPable

  • Bag-in-Place Fully CIP available



  • Dahmes Ductless Dryer - Cone (DDD-C)

  • Dahmes Ductless Dryer - V Bottom (DDD-V)

  • Dahmes Box Dryer

  • Dahmes U-Tube Dryer

  • Dahmes Tall Form Bustle Dryer

  • Dahmes Tall Form Top Exhaust Dryer

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