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Indirect Heater

An Indirect Heater built for food processing, the Patent-Pending Dahmes’ Indirect Heater is the most compact, high efficiency air-to-air indirect heater in the industry. Its round shape is durable, allows for flexibility in general arrangements, and is able to be manipulated to provide the best fit for installation. Its recirculation fan(s) speeds are controlled to optimize heat transfer while reducing flue gas heat loss and electricity to operate the fan(s) throughout the temperature/capacity range of the unit. Improve your operations with a Dahmes’ Indirect Heater for cleanability, ease of inspection, reduction in ductwork, robust cylindrical design, and fit in general arrangements.


  • 1-4 recirculation fans configurations are possible, allowing for optimization of the fan selection for the application

  • Vertical or horizontal mounting available

  • A secondary external shell and tube air to air heat exchange can be added to condense the exiting flue gas with the incoming combustion air to further increase efficiency

  • Pairs with heat recovery

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