Dahmes Welcomes Back Jeremy Peterson as Field Operations Manager

August 13, 2020

Dahmes Stainless Inc., a custom, spray dryer manufacturing firm is pleased to welcome back Jeremy Peterson to their team as Field Operations Manager.

“Jeremy is a familiar face at Dahmes, as he was employed with the company from 2010-2012 before starting his own business,” commented Alex Marcus, Dahmes Stainless Inc.'s President. “Jeremy is extremely skilled and reliable at leading equipment installations for food and dairy plants. He excels at establishing good working relationships with customers, employees, and sub-contractors to meet expectations and deadlines. His management experience, process knowledge and problem-solving ability made him an ideal fit for this role.”

Jeremy gained experience in the food and dairy industries working as a Field Installer at Dahmes and RELCO for a number of years. In 2012, Jeremy founded his own welding and installation services business. During this time, Jeremy and his team worked with Tetra Pak and Dahmes on a variety of process and dryer installations. He successfully lead teams on several large greenfield projects and many plant expansions.

“I learned a lot about business and leadership from starting and running my own business,” commented Peterson. “I look forward to bringing those skills to Dahmes, and to continue supporting the food and dairy industry with Dahmes’ cutting edge technology.”

Jeremy obtained his Industrial Welding Technology Diploma from Ridgewater College in Willmar, Minnesota and graduated from KMS High School in Kerkhoven, Minnesota. He also holds certifications as a rigger and rope access technician, along with a variety of other skills.