Roger Ochsner Named Vice President of Sales

July 22, 2020

Dahmes is pleased to announce the promotion of Roger Ochsner to Vice President of Sales. This promotion comes amidst a significant organizational restructure and announcement of new management team last week.

“Roger has deep roots in the food and dairy processing industry and excels in proposing solutions to complex customer problems,” noted Alex Marcus, Dahmes’ Stainless Inc. President. “Roger has been an expert in the industry for over 30 years, and his experience is invaluable to us. In Roger’s new role, he will lead all new sales activities and estimating for the organization.”

Ochsner joined the organization in 2014 in an outside sales role and has continuously contributed to the company’s growth. Prior to Dahmes, Ochsner was Owner & President of a start-up company, Cheese & Whey Systems, which primarily led the sales & engineering efforts for their corporate partner – Custom Fabricating & Repair (CFR) . For nearly a decade, he also served as Sales Manager for RELCO, an international manufacturing and engineering firm where he consistently exceeded revenue expectations and played an integral role in acquiring new customers and product lines to RELCO’s portfolio. Roger’s first-hand experience working in engineering and management roles at Bongards’ Premium Cheese, Land O’Lakes, and Valley Queen Cheese offers Dahmes a unique insight to challenges food and dairy manufacturers face, allowing Dahmes to create the right solutions for its customers.

Roger has served as a Board Member for the American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) and North Central Cheese Industries Association (NCCIA). He obtained a degree in Electronic Systems Technology from Lake Area Technical College.

Ochsner noted, “It’s an exciting time for Dahmes as we continue to develop new products into the markets we serve, grow our team of talented employees, and form new partnerships with customers across the US. I believe there is a lot of opportunity for Dahmes to lead the industry by developing creative solutions for our customers.”