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Process-first general contractor

Dahmes Contracting is a full service general contractor who executes projects from a process-first mindset. We understand both the process and building aspects of projects due to our integration with Dahmes Stainless. During design and construction we do the heavy lifting so our clients can focus on running their business, not the project.


Who we are

With a passion for excellence, our team utilizes decades of experience to pioneer unique solutions that meet our customer's goals.

What we do

Dahmes works with the customer & process vendors from project feasibility study through commissioning, providing comprehensive delivery for all phases of the project.

We direct all aspects of the project, including engineering, architecture, procurement, process equipment, plant infrastructure, & trades.


Why us?

At Dahmes Contracting, our deep roots in process equipment fuel our distinctive 'process-first' approach to facility design & construction. 

We understand your operational & maintenance needs, along with the intricacies of all trades involved, to deliver a seamlessly integrated project tailored precisely to your requirements.

This customer-centric focus ensures not just a building, but a solution optimized for efficiency, reliability & future growth.

Dahmes General Contractor on job site

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