Research & Development Center

We recognize the ever increasing need and requirements for exact testing and specifications. With the use of our Research & Development Center that includes (3) DSI Spray Dryers, CIPable Baghouse, Fluid-bed Drying, and Evaporation Systems, we are able to do new product testing, campaign product runs, and scale a dyer to its specific product. 


1000 lbs. of water evaporation

  • Integrated fluid bed

  • Fully operational BIP cleaning system

  • USDA manufactured standards

  • HACCP trained employees

  • FDA Inspected

  • Agglomeration

  • Kosher Certificate

500 lbs. of water evaporation

  • Bustle type dryer

  • Heat recovery

  • Agglomeration

  • Instantizing

  • FDA inspected plant

  • Kosher certifiable

  • USDA manufactured standard

  • HACCP trained employees


100 lbs. of water evaporation

  • DDD type dryer

  • Integrated fluid bed

  • Conveying belt

  • Cooling fluid bed

  • Pilot evaporator

  • FDA Inspected

  • Kosher Certificate

Roger Oschner
direct:       320.354.1511


Dahmes Stainless, Inc. is a custom spray dryer manufacturing firm located in New London, Minnesota.  For over 27 years, we have continuously improved, introduced, and innovated existing dryer components & developed new dryer systems.


- Ductless Drying Systems

- Evaporating Systems

- Heat Recovery System

- Fluid Bed Drying System

- Indirect Heater

- BIP CIPable Baghouse



526 4th Avenue SW,

New London, MN 56273



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