Research & Development Facility


We recognize the ever increasing need and requirements for exact testing and specifications. With the use of our pilot plant facility that includes (3) DSI Spray Dryers, CIPable Baghouse, Fluid-bed Drying, and Evaporation Systems, we are able to do new product testing, campaign product runs, and scale a dyer to its specific product. 


1000 lbs. of water evaporation

  • Integrated fluid bed

  • Fully operational BIP cleaning system

  • USDA manufactured standards

  • HACCP trained employees

  • FDA Inspected

  • Agglomeration

  • Kosher Certificate

500 lbs. of water evaporation

  • Bustle type dryer

  • Heat recovery

  • Agglomeration

  • Instantizing

  • FDA inspected plant

  • Kosher certifiable

  • USDA manufactured standard

  • HACCP trained employees


100 lbs. of water evaporation

  • DDD type dryer

  • Integrated fluid bed

  • Conveying belt

  • Cooling fluid bed

  • Pilot evaporator

  • FDA Inspected

  • Kosher Certificate

Roger Oschner
direct:       320.354.1511


Dahmes Stainless, Inc. is a custom spray dryer manufacturing firm located in New London, Minnesota.  For over 27 years, we have continuously improved, introduced, and innovated existing dryer components & developed new dryer systems.


- Ductless Drying Systems

- Evaporating Systems

- Heat Recovery System

- Fluid Bed Drying System

- Indirect Heater

- BIP CIPable Baghouse



526 4th Avenue SW,

New London, MN 56273



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