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Pre-Owned Spray Dryers & Equipment

Dahmes offers a variety of pre-owned spray dryers & equipment for sale. Current inventory consists of the following:

System #1:
Dahmes Ductless Dryer - V Bottom

The Dahmes Ductless Dryer – V-Bottom is designed without product entrained exhaust ducts to eliminate plugging and simplify cleaning. This 2-stage drying configuration allows you to evaporate more water with less horsepower, making your process more efficient. Its small footprint reduces building capital costs compared to equivalent tall-form dryers. Successfully dried products include skim milk, WPC, high fat meats, beef/chicken/pork broths, and MPC. Because of its innovative design, Dahmes Ductless Dryers can easily dry different products based on market needs. 

  • Cone

  • Baghouse

  • Gas Disperser

  • Exhaust Fan
  • Ductwork
  • Fan with Cabinets
  • Primary Chamber

  • Burner Duct
  • External Fluid Bed Cooler
  • Internal Fluid Bed
  • Reverse Pulse Jet System

System #2:
3,500 lbs/hr Water Evaporation

Fluid Bed Dryer with Back-Mixing

The DSI proprietary drying system utilizes a static (non-shaking) three zone fluid bed that is designed with a divider in the middle of the fluid bed allowing the product to enter and discharge on the same end.  

  • Deck

  • Fluid Bed

  • Packaging System

  • Burners

  • Feed Tank

  • Primary Dryer

  • Baghouse with Structure

  • Exhaust Fan

  • Inlet Air Filters

  • Sanitary Baghouse & Explosion Duct

  • Sealer with Conveyor

  • Cooling Fluid Bed Fan & Cabinet

  • Fluid Bed Drag System

  • Static Cooling Fluid Bed

  • Overpressure Vent

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