Certified Pre-Owned Spray Dryers & Equipment

System #1:
Dahmes Ductless Dryer - V Bottom

  • Very Successful with Sticky Products

  • Building Height Requirements are Less

  • Holds the weight of the dryer low

  • More water evaporation in a smaller foot-print

  • CIPable baghouse

  • More efficient lower HP needed

  • No Rotary valves or Cyclones needed

System #2:
3,500 lbs/hr Water Evaporation

Fluid Bed Dryer with Back-Mixing

The DSI proprietary drying system utilizes a static (non-shaking) three zone fluid bed that is designed with a divider in the middle of the fluid bed allowing the product to enter and discharge on the same end.  An optimum ratio of Back Mixing is utilized to blend the incoming 7.5 -18% TS liquid feed with the dry hot product to eliminate the issue of clumping.  Once the liquid product is combined with the dry product it is easily fluidized and allowed to dry the blended mixture. Back mixing is achieved with the use of an adjustable weir to control the level and an auger to transport the product from the discharge of the fluidbed to an inlet distributor.  A cooling fluidbed is utilized to achieve a product temp of less than 100F or whatever is achievable with the use of ambient air drawn from the room.  A blow pot conveying system will transport the cooled product to a receiver prior to sifting and packaging. The incoming air is heated with two (2) Maxon gas fired heater units that supply the fluid bed with heated air. T304 stainless steel unless otherwise specified​.


Dahmes Stainless, Inc. is a custom spray dryer manufacturing firm located in New London, Minnesota.  For over 27 years, we have continuously improved, introduced, and innovated existing dryer components & developed new dryer systems.


- Ductless Drying Systems

- Evaporating Systems

- Heat Recovery System

- Fluid Bed Drying System

- Indirect Heater

- BIP CIPable Baghouse



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