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The Best Evaporator Systems for Your Unique Requirements

Dahmes Evaporator
Dahmes Evaporators

We’re committed to finding the ideal, customized solution for your evaporator systems, whether it’s for new or existing equipment

At Dahmes we take pride in being a turnkey solution provider. We excel at taking existing technologies in evaporating systems and finding creative ways to eliminate unnecessary parts of the process, by optimizing energy use to reduce operational costs.

Dahmes will provide you with the best evaporation system for your unique requirements

At our R&D Center, we can troubleshoot your process on our pilot evaporator where the stakes are low and the opportunity to learn is high.

When choosing the best system for your needs, Dahmes will consider cost, energy consumption, space requirements, expansion possibilities, ease of operation, and any other client requirements.

Dahmes Evaporator
Dahmes Evaporators

Dahmes designs evaporating systems to perform liquid concentration and water removing processes

These essential processes apply to a wide range of applications in the food/dairy, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. The systems are designed for concentrating liquids and removing water. They produce concentrated, solvent-free products using thermal vapor or mechanical vapor recompression heat.


All our evaporating systems are USDA approvable.

Dahmes offers the following evaporator configurations:

Recompression Options

  • Steam driven, TVR (thermal vapor recompression), Electric driven MVR (mechanical vapor recompression)

Evaporator Types

  • Forced recirculation, falling film, rising film

Heat Transfer Methods

  • Plate, shell and tube calandria

Dahmes Evaporators
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