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System Services

Dahmes' System Services are available to meet client expectations, providing a level of quality and service that is unattainable from competing providers. Dahmes' System Services are focused on meeting our customers' expectations, by providing innovative solutions backed by experience, quality, and service in the food, chemical, meat, poultry, and seafood markets.

Dahmes employees working on parts and services

Research & Development

Pilot-Scale Facility
Trial Runs
Feasibility Studies

Engineering & Design




Water Jet

Materials: Al6xn, Stainless Steel (304 & 316), 2205, 2507 Titanium, Hastelloy, Platinum

Finishes: Polish (32 µm or better) and Bead Blasting (welds)

Control Programming

PLC (Allen Bradley)


Process Piping
Conveying Systems
Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems


System Upgrades & Support

Energy Efficiency
Output / Capacity
Original Specification
Clean-In-Place (CIP) System


Dryer and Evaporator Components & Parts

Dahmes specializes in system components & parts manufacturing systems can be provided with a wide range of customer specified options. All are manufactured utilizing cutting edge systems and technology; this includes product feed systems capable of high pressure with two fluids, process air inlet systems, indirect heating, heat recovery and much more. Drying systems utilize various chamber configurations and fluid bed configurations, available in either vibratory or static. Process air exhaust systems handle product with varied levels of efficiency and include a bag-in-place feature. In addition, powder cooling and packaging systems can be integrated to include a wide range of options and configurations. Packaging systems can include anything from manual bagging and conveyors to tote filling. Over pressure systems provide an explosion suppression component, while a manufactured clean-in-place and water deluge system are also available. Main components for the evaporator system types include product feed with pasteurizers, processing heating with pre-heaters, thermal or mechanical vapor recompression. Evaporating and crystallizing systems are available in various configurations, as well as liquid storage, and support systems.

Dahmes employee

Matt Elbert
direct:       320.354.1512

//  Bag house cages
//  Bag house filter bags
//  Box settlers
//  Burner upgrades
//  Bushings & bearings
//  Camera systems
//  CIP able Bag house
//  Custom dryer Gaskets
//  Custom water jet work
//  Cycle valves 
//  Drag bar

//  Dryer upgrades

//  Heat recovery

//  Heating & cooling Coils

//  Indirect heaters

//  Inspection ports (sight glasses)

//  Manway doors

//  Overpressure venting           
      system spare parts

//  Powder conveying

//  Pulse valves

//  Raw stainless materials

//  Rotary magnets

//  Rotary valves

//  Sanitary stainless steel chain

//  Sight glasses

//  Stainless steel air cabinets

//  Suppression isolation
      system spare parts

//  Throat cooling

//  Water Deluge system

//  Wear strips

//  Y Baggers

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