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Process Systems

Spray Drying Systems

Dahmes specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced drying systems. Our cutting-edge designs are suitable for applications in the industries such as food, dairy, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries worldwide. Our state-of-the-art R&D facility allows us to optimize the drying performance of even the most challenging products.

  • Dahmes Ductless Dryer - Cone (DDD-C)
    Learn More About this Dryer >>

  • Dahmes Ductless Dryer - V Bottom (DDD-V)

  • Dahmes Box Dryer

  • Dahmes U-Tube Dryer

  • Dahmes Tall Form Bustle Dryer

  • Dahmes Tall Form Top Exhaust Dryer

Evaporating Systems

Dahmes designs Evaporating Systems to perform liquid concentration and water removing processes. These essential processes apply to a wide range of applications within the food/dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The systems are designed for concentrating liquids and removing water. They produce dry, solvent-free products using thermo vapor or mechanical vapor recompression heat. All systems are USDA approvable and built to 3-A accepted standards.

  • TVR

  • MVR

  • Forced Recirculation

  • Plate

  • Falling/Rising Film

Fluid Bed Drying Systems

Dahmes Fluid Beds are designed, engineered and fabricated to a customer’s specific applications. Dahmes manufacture’s fluid beds that are used for multiple applications such as Heating, Cooling, Agglomerating, Batch Drying, Roasting, De-dusting, Blanching, Steam Treating, Freeze Drying, and Deactivating Enzymes. Dahmes Stainless, Inc. fluid beds are used in the dairy, food, pet food, chemical, mineral, grain, vegetable, seafood, meat, nut, and plastic industries.

  • Static

  • Vibratory

Baghouse Systems

  • Standard Sanitary Non-CIPable: Features include walk-in plenum, inspection man doors, over-pressure vents, reverse pulse jet system, CIP isolation plate, and pneumatic thumpers as needed.

  • Bag in Place (BIP) CIPable: The Bag-in-Place (BIP) Cleaning System has passed the USDA Dairy Division field test, proving the bag cleanliness following the BIP system meets or exceeds the cleaning capabilities of the laundering method. The process technology is not limited to the dairy industry. Dahmes has  implemented the BIP Cleaning System in the food, pet food, chemical, meat, poultry, and seafood markets.

Heat Recovery Systems

The Dahmes' Heat Recovery Systems are specifically engineered around each process application. The tubular design allows for maximum thermal recovery, in addition to clean ability. All Heat Recovery Systems are constructed from stainless steel and continuously welded, ensuring years of service in the most hostile process exhaust streams.

  • Air to Air Design

  • Shell & Tube Design​

Indirect Heaters

Dahmes' Indirect Heaters are designed, engineered and fabricated to the customer’s specific product and dryer application.  We have our own unique obround design that’s makes our heater one of the cleanest process air streams in the business. The ultra-pure air has no contaminating air or NO byproducts. This unique design makes our indirect heater 96% efficient.  The heater also has visual inspection as well as spray down clean ability for outside air.

  • Air to Air Design

  • Shell & Tube Design​

Crystallization Belts

Dahmes' Sanitary Crystallization Belt provides a 15-minute hold time to ensure maximum conversion of crystals. Belt utilizes automatic tracking, CIP spray balls, inspection ports, and manway doors, as necessary. A powder clean-out system uses a sanitary drag system to move powder that has fallen off the belt to the powder discharge.


Filling Systems

Dahmes’ Manual and Automated Filling Systems are uniquely designed to meet sanitary standards and minimize dust with various product capabilities. Users will experience a full-operator interface, precision metering, and safety interlocks. The affordable system offers multiple head configurations, automatic de-aeration probes, and a pneumatic bag clamping system. Entire range of packaging process also available.​

  • Manual

  • Automated

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