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Custom Process Systems & Solutions

Evaporators, Spray Dryers, Powder Handling & more

Dahmes provides advanced, custom evaporating and drying systems, and other industrial processes. Since 1995, we have pioneered new process technologies, always aiming to serve our customers and create solutions to their challenges.

Evaporating & Drying Systems

Dahmes specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced evaporating systems, drying systems, and other process components for removing water and preserving product for food and other industries. We understand how important project execution is – you don’t have time to shut down, so we work with you to figure out how to achieve your optimum results.


Why Dahmes?

At Dahmes we try to direct the customer to exactly what they need—the ideal solution for their specific issue. We think it provides more value if we look at their process and see how they can be more effective and more efficient.

At Dahmes we don’t fit the customer to a model, we fit the model to the customer

We believe in being pioneers in the industry. The Dahmes team works overtime to find the best solutions for your specific needs. Our expansive Research & Development Center allows us to experiment to find the right process for your product, your facility, your need. The R&D Center is where we prove out a process, and work out the kinks before we create a system on site for our customers that best suits their needs.

Research & Development Center

Real People with Real Solutions

I’ve got a long-term relationship with Dahmes, about 20 years. They’ve always been able to be a good solutions provider. Sometimes when you ask other OEMs to think outside the box, they’re stuck in their thinking, they don’t take risks, Dahmes will take risks and will look at solving problems other people won’t touch. At the end of the day, they stick by their word and guarantee the process when all is said and done.


—Tobin Powley, Symrise, Director of Global Engineering

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