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Learn to weld. Gain work experience.

Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program

Dahmes, located in New London is excited to invite motivated students to join our 12-week manufacturing apprenticeship program to increase their knowledge and skills in the manufacturing industry. 


Begin your career by working alongside other experienced welders to transform sheets of stainless steel
into complex drying systems for our customers and gain a general understanding of important life skills to support you in achieving a successful career. 

Who should apply?

Up to five students will be selected to join this program for the summer of 2024. If chosen, students will be at the Dahmes' campus for instruction from 7:00am-12:00pm four days/week with optional afternoon hours. Individuals will receive a competitive hourly rate with the potential to join our team at the close of the summer.

Participants who successfully pass weld tests may have the opportunity to work additional hours (up to 40) at the discretion of the program instructors.

Students with an interest in the manufacturing industry, particularly welding are encouraged to apply.

We are looking for​:​

  • authentic

  • pioneering

  • committed

  • self-motivated

  • hard working

  • willing to learn

  • able to work with others

Apprenticeship Program Details

Week 1: June 3-6

  • Classroom: Dahmes Founding Story and R&D Center Tour

  • Classroom: General Shop Safety

  • Classroom: Welder/Grinder Safety

  • Hands-on: Intro to Stainless Steel

  • Hands-on: Intro to TIG Welding

Week 2: June 10-13

  • Classroom: General Safety Review & Assessment

  • Classroom: Teamwork

  • Hands-on: Machine Overview & Safety 

  • Hands-on: TIG Welding

Week 3: June 17-20

  • Classroom: Skills Review/Assessment

  • Hands-on: Machine Overview & Safety 

  • Classroom: How to Create a Personal Budget

  • Hands-on: TIG Welding

  • Hands-on: Box Competition

Week 4: June 24-27

  • Classroom: Project Management 101

  • Classroom: How to Advance Your Career 

  • Hands on: Machine Overview & Safety

  • Hands-on/Classroom: Intro to MIG Welding

Week 5: July 1-4

  • Classroom: Basic Geometry/Math/Measuring

  • Hands-on: TIG/MIG Welding

  • Classroom: Part Numbering/Shop Packets 

  • Classroom/Hands-on: Grinder Safety Review and Grinding & Polishing 

  • Classroom: Utilizing Your Strengths 

  • Hands-on: Weld Test Competition

Week 6: July 8-11

  • Classroom: Process Engineering

  • Classroom: How to Set Goals & Achieve Them

  • Classroom: Reading Blueprints

  • Hands-on: TIG/MIG/Purge Welding

Week 7: July 15-18

  • Classroom: Expectations & Punctuality 

  • Hands-on: Role Shadowing

  • Hands-on: MIG/TIG/Purge Welding

  • Hands-on: Begin Top Hat Project 

Week 8: July 22-25

  • Classroom: Interview Skills 

  • Classroom: Communication 

  • Hands-on: Role Shadowing

  • Hands-on: TIG/Mig Welding 

  • Hands-on: Top Hat Project

  • Final Project: Personal Firepit - Design

Week 9: July 29 - August 1

  • Classroom: Communication Skills

  • Hans-on: Final Project – Personal Firepit 

  • Hands-on: TIG/MIG/Purge Welding

  • Classroom: Rigging 101 

Week 10: August 5-8

  • Classroom: Importance of Sleep 

  • Classroom: Retirement and How to Make Money Work For You 

  • Hans-on: Final Project – Personal Firepit 

  • Hands-on: TIG/MIG/Purge Welding

  • Hands-on: Role Shadowing

  • Classroom: Healthy Communication Skills in the Workplace 

Week 11: August 12-15

  • Hands-on: Mig/Tig/Purge Welding 

  • Hands-on: Role Shadowing

  • Final Project: Finalize Personal Firepit 

  • Graduation

Week 12 (Flexible): August 19-22

  • Hands-on: Role Shadowing


Applicants must be at least 16 years of age. Steel toe boots required for all time in shop ($75 allowance will be provided); all other tools and supplies will be supplied by DSI.

If you have questions, contact Jeremy Peterson at or 320.354.1595


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