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Dahmes Sanitary Baghouses

Dahmes offers both Standard Sanitary Non-CIPable and Bag-In-Place (BIP) CIP’able baghouses

Dahmes Sanitary Non-CIP’able Baghouses are designed for efficient and reliable filtration for your specific exhaust condition. Customizable features include a walk-in plenum, inspection man doors, over-pressure vents, reverse pulse jet systems, pneumatic thumpers, and air sweeps. These features ensure easy access for maintenance, and effective bag cleaning to reduce downtime and maintain optimum filtration performance.

Bag-in-Place (BIP) Cleaning Systems

this innovative technology has passed the USDA Dairy Division field test, demonstrating its superior cleaning capabilities over traditional laundering methods. Not only is the process gentler on bags prolonging their life, but it also removes the significant labor and downtime costs associated with changing bags. The BIP Cleaning System has been implemented in various markets, including food, pet food, chemical, meat, poultry, and seafood. Plants with multiple SKUs can now switch products with ease, washing between runs to eliminate cross contamination and ensure a more hygienic production environment.

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