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The Most Innovative Tall-Form Ductless Spray Dryer Design


The DDD-C has a baghouse located radially around the dryer chamber


  • Works well on sticky or high-fat products due to no product entrained air in the ductwork

  • Great for running multiple SKUs that require a CIP between with the BIP option

  • Combines two chambers into one (dryer and baghouse) so it reduces building footprint

  • Fewer rotary airlocks (maintenance issues)

  • Conservative can velocities in baghouse

  • Low horsepower requirements relative to dryers with cyclones

  • Easy to protect for deflagration due to venting and cylindrical design

  • Clean-air plenum access without confined space entry


Available Options

Air Shear Throat Cooling

Bag-In-Place (BIP) CIP System

Integrated Fluid Bed

Secondary Fluid Bed Drying/Cooling


Nozzle Cameras

Crystallization Belt

Baghouse Conditioned Air

Water Deluge

Overpressure Protection (Venting or Suppression)

Additional Dryer Options

DDD-C (Permeate)

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