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Dahmes Ductless Dryer - V Bottom

The DDD-V is a tall-form spray dryer that is close coupled to a baghouse via a V-trough. The V-trough houses a static fluid bed for further drying and product removal.



  • Works well on sticky or high-fat products due to no ductwork conveying product entrained air

  • With Bag-In-Place CIP option, great for running multiple SKUs that require a CIP between runs

  • Limited number of Rotary Airlocks

  • Easy to protect for overpressure due to close coupling of major equipment

  • Low horsepower requirements relative to dryers with cyclones

  • Low building height requirements relative to DDD-C


Available Options

Air Shear Throat Cooling

Bag-In-Place (BIP) CIP System

Secondary Fluid Bed Drying/Cooling

Nozzle Cameras

Water Deluge

Overpressure Protection (Venting or Suppression)

Additional Dryer Options

DDD-C (Permeate)

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